Sunday 3 January 2021

Book Review : Lifeline by Chetan Maheshwari


Book: Lifeline
Author: Chetan Maheshwari
Genre: Romance
Format: Paperback
Pages: 178
Price: 225 INR

A story that will inspire you to reach your highest potential!

“Lifeline” by Chetan Maheshwari tells the story of three working professionals –Teesha, Akhil, and Rati.

In the first half of the book, the author takes time to develop these three characters so that readers can feel invested in their journeys. Akhil and Teesha were childhood school friends who met after many years. Akhil is a consultant, whereas Teesha is a marketing professional. While Akhil had to take responsibility at a young age, Teesha is battling the scars of her previous relationship. They find love and comfort in each other.

Akhil’s sister, Rati is a single mother and freelance web developer. Ostracized by society for having a child out of wedlock, her life is challenging. What makes Rati a fascinating character is her determination to change the tides of her life. When she finds the doors have closed in front of her, she decides to launch a mobile application. This brilliant idea of Rati not only changes her life but also the lives of Akhil and Teesha.

The book deals with various themes such as office politics, startups, love, and family. I am amazed at how the author has successfully managed to deal with all the themes in a 178-pages book. The story is extremely fast-paced and can be read in a single sitting. The short length of the chapters works very well for the book.

The idea of the startup in the book is quite interesting. The second half of the book deals with the startup. I liked the planning and execution of the idea. Readers planning to start something of their own will definitely get motivated by it.

I liked how Rati’s challenging life inspired Teesha to create something that will ease the pain of everyone who has been dealing with some challenges or mishaps in life. Women supporting women always bring a smile to my face. Therefore, I cherished the equation that Teesha and Rati shared.

Another thing I loved about the book is how it ended. The mention of the pandemic in relation to the startup gave a realistic touch to the story. I wish the book was better edited as I found a couple of grammatical and punctuation errors. 

Overall, "Lifeline" is a motivating book that will inspire you to reach your highest potential. 

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Sunday 12 July 2020

Learning Literature with Purba: Murder in the Cathedral by T.S.Eliot Summary

In this video, we are discussing the famous play of T.S.Eliot, Murder in the Cathedral. We are discussing some important facts about Murder in the Cathedral. Then we are taking a look at Murder in the Cathedral characters and Murder in the Cathedral Summary. 

Murder in the Cathedral by T.S Eliot was written in June, 1935 for the Canterbury festival. It deals with the assassination of Archbishop Thomas Becket, one of the greatest saints of England. He was murdered in his own cathedral by 4 knights who claimed to be loyal to the king. 

We have discussed Part 1, Interlude and Part 2 of the play in detail. The crisp and detailed Murder in the Cathedral summary will help you understand the play easily. In the next video, we will look at the famous Temptation Scene of Murder in the Cathedral and critically analyze it. 

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Thursday 2 July 2020

Learning Literature With Purba: The Age of Revival (From Chaucer to Spenser)

Do you know how Queen Elizabeth became the ruler of England and thus began the Great Elizabethan Age or the Golden Period of English Literature?

In this video, we are talking about the Age of Revival that comes right after the Age of Chaucer and before the Elizabethan Age or the Golden Age of England. If you are studying History of English Literature, this video will help you understand how Queen Elizabeth came to the throne of England and how the Elizabethan Age started. 

The timeline of the period is between 1400 and 1550 AD. The Age of Revival begins with wars, chaos, and unrest. It ends with a settled Tudor dynasty and a reformed religion. In this video, we are discussing the historical background, political scenario, and literary features of The Age of Revival. There is this broad intellectual flood called Renaissance and a revival of learning and knowledge is present. 

The key events that take place during this Age are The War of Roses and the Protestant Reformation Movement. You will get crisp and detailed Age of Revival notes from this video. We also discuss the literary features of this age - Arrival of Printing Press, Development of English Bible, growth in drama and prose, decadence in poetry. If you are preparing for UGC NET, this video will definitely help you. 

Watch it now:

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Thursday 25 June 2020

Book Review: Five Petals by Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu

Book: Five Petals
Author: Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu
Genre: Fiction | Short Stories
Format: PDF
Pages: 31

Five Stories of Five different flavors for a perfect monsoon read!

'Five Petals' by Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu is a collection of 5 short stories that will intrigue and entertain you till the last page. I loved the unique name and the vibrant cover of the book. 

The book begins with "Life: A Roller coaster ride" that at first, seems to be a college romance but turns out to be a story that says a lot about the unpredictable nature of life. The story illustrates what true love and friendship is. 

The next story "Quarantined with Family" is relevant and interesting. It talks about how we often take our family for granted while chasing our goals and ambitions. 

The third story "Dream or Nightmare" is a perfect read for thriller and mystery lovers. I loved the way the author has sketched the story with enough twists and turns to keep the reader on his/her toes. The revelation left me speechless. 

The fourth story, "Neetu and Aja" is a sweet and touching story of a granddaughter and grandfather. This story will make you nostalgic about your grandparents. The letter at the end of the story was very moving.

The author concludes the book with a romantic story of a resilient couple in their mid fifties "Beyond Borders" that will warm your hearts and make you believe in the power of true love. 

I enjoyed savoring all the five petals on a beautiful monsoon evening with a cup of tea. The strength of the author lies in her skillful characterization and gripping narration. In every story, there was at least one character that stayed with me after I finished reading the book. All the five stories are very different from each other and that shows the author's versatility. 

I would highly recommend the book to readers who love reading romance, drama and thrillers. You can easily finish the book in one sitting. So grab a cup of tea or coffee and savor the five petals (stories) this monsoon. 

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Saturday 13 June 2020

Book Review: Blossoms and Foliages by Daisy Bala

Book: Blossoms and Foliages: A Bouquet of Poems
Author: Daisy Bala
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 67

A Delicious Poetic Buffet for Nature Lovers

Blossoms and Foliages by Daisy Bala is a beautiful bouquet of Nature poems. The book starts with an amazing quote of Vincent Van Gogh:

"If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere."

The poet intends to make her readers fall in love with the everyday marvels of Nature that we so often take for granted. And I must say she has done a fabulous job. Now every time, you will see raindrops on leaves, sunset in a beach, or a rosebud, you will have the inclination to admire them longer. 

The words that the poet has used are delicious and appealing. The first two poems, "The Blushing Bud" and "The Chiming Bluebells" made me fall in love with the poet's imagination and her ability yo convey it through words. 

"Pink rosy blush
Aromatic, aesthetically pleasing
Attracting pollinators.
The flirtatious bumblebee,
Buzzing around the beguiling beauty!

How beautifully and aesthetically the poet has described the beloved-lover relationship between a blushing rose and a bumblebee!

"It is an indulgent bluebell spread
Promising chiming good times ahead."

William Wordsworth wrote "Daffodils" when he was mesmerized by an array of daffodils blooming in the field. Daisy's poem on bluebells made me remember one of my favorite poet Wordsworth's "Daffodils". 

The poet has also used the backdrop of Nature to pen down some philosophical poems such as "Walk your Path", "The Clarity" and "The Calming Effect". 

Walking on the beach barefoot, soaking in the beauty of Nature symbolizes Oneness with the Universe. It is indeed a great form of meditation. I loved these lines in "The Calming Effect":

"The sun, the sand and the spume
Mildly meditate me, relieving my anxiety
The grains beneath my toes
Exfoliate my thinking"

Being a Nature lover, the book "Blossoms and Foliages" made my heart sing with delight. I loved the imagery and the other figures of speech that the poet has skillfully used in her poems. It is a feel-good book that makes us realize we all have the gifts of Nature to savor every day. Isn't that a blessing? Read the book now to feel it. 

Highly recommended to poetry and nature lovers!

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Monday 8 June 2020

Learning Literature with Purba : King Lear Summary explained Act by Act

In today's Youtube Video, we are discussing one of the greatest tragedies of William Shakespeare, King Lear. Watch the video for some cool and amazing facts related to the play King Lear, a character chart of the play and Act by Act detailed and crispy summary of King Lear. 

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Saturday 6 June 2020

Book Review: Where Rainbow Meets the Sky by Vidhi Duggal

Book: Where Rainbow meets the Sky
Author: Vidhi Duggal
Genre: Romance Novella | Fiction
Format: PDF
Pages: 62

Sweet and refreshing like the morning dew on rose petals

"Where Rainbow meets the Sky" is a sweet romance novella by Vidhi Duggal. It tells the story of Rahul, Mehek, and a dreamcatcher. The author has used the dreamcatcher not as a mere object, but as one of the protagonists of the story. The dreamcatcher in the cover and the title of the book are significant. It's only after reading the story we understand why the author has chosen the title "Where Rainbow meets the sky".

Rahul, a rich and handsome guy from Delhi goes on a vacation to Manali with his friends. He works as a model. He meets Mehek in Manali who has a huge crush on him after noticing his poster outside a shop. The crush metamorphoses into love during their vacation in Manali.

Mehek is pursuing journalism and lives in Bombay. She gives her address and phone number to Rahul before leaving Manali. Rahul gifts a blue dreamcatcher to Mehek and buys a similar dreamcatcher for him. 

Once they leave Manali, they are out of touch. Despite trying his level best, Rahul is unable to reach Mehek on her number and her address. Feeling betrayed, Rahul goes into a self-destruction mode until his friends help him regain sanity. It is only after 20 years that Rahul meets Mehek accidentally.

Both Rahul and Mehek are single. 
Both of them have the dreamcatcher. 

Will they reunite? 
Why did Mehek betray Rahul? 
What is Mehek's side of the story?
How important is a closure?
Why some people cannot be forgotten, even after 20 years?

To know these answers, you have to read this short and sweet novella. 

I loved the character sketch of both Rahul and Mehek. I loved the way the author has treated the dreamcatcher as the main character of the story. The last chapter was very beautifully written that answers all the questions and leaves the reader satisfied.  

Although it is a romance novella, it has a very unconventional and philosophical ending that makes you think. I liked the freshness of the story and the profound dialogues in the last chapter. 

"Where Rainbow meets the Sky" is a sweet and refreshing story like the morning dew on rose petals. 

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