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Giveaway: 2 author signed copies of Asoka Trilogy Book #1

Book: The Prince of Patliputra ( Asoka Trilogy #1)
Author: Shreyas Bhave
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 382
Price: 350 INR


 272 BC, Bharathvarsha, Land of the Aryas....
Samrat Bindusar, son of Chandragupta and the second Samrat Chakravartin of all the Aryas rules over the massive subcontinent from his holy seat in Patliputra. Almost five decades ago, his father had laid the foundations of this vast Samrajya guided by the famed Guru Arya Chanakya. But now, the wealth and glory of the past has subsided...
As the Samrat’s health continues to decline due to an unknown illness, problems are arising all over his realm. There is infighting and rebellion. No clear successor to him is present. Ninety nine of his sons stand in line waiting for his throne...
Bharathvarsha needs a Chandragupta once again. And it needs a Chanakya too. Can the young Prince Asoka, who is the least favorite son of the Samrat, fill in the boots of his grandfather? Can Radhagupta, a mere Councilor of the Court be what Chanakya was to all the Aryas? 
Begin a new adventure with the first book of the Asoka trilogy as you read to find the answer to one great question- 'That who shall be the next Samrat of this holy land of the Aryas?

Enter the simple Rafflecopter Giveaway to win an author signed copy of this fast paced historical thriller. Names of the 2 winners will be declared here on 26th Feb, 2016. 
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Excerpt from my review: 

"The Prince of Patliputra" is a historical fiction that deals with the life of Asoka, one of the towering figures in the history of India. In the first few pages, it was a bit difficult to comprehend the direction where the story was heading, but once you read a couple of chapters, you will surely be hooked to the book.

Garnished with conspiracies, clever strategies, subtle romance and bitter betrayals, the book is a fast paced read. What appealed to me the most in this book is the way Chandragupta'sjourney (grandfather of Asoka and the first Samrat Chakravartin of all the Aryas) is shown in parallel to Asoka's journey. We can see Chanakya, the legendary personality reminiscing about how Chandragupta came into power. 

With good story telling skills, powerful characters and enough twists, Shreyas Bhave makes a great debut with his historical fiction. This book will appeal a lot to people who are fascinated by history and love reading historical fiction. Though I don't belong to this category, but I still enjoyed reading the book.

You can read my complete review here

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  1. History, In addition Indian history + fiction and the little excerpt I found interesting, definitely gonna try.

  2. I have read some good reviews on the book. Would love to read it.

  3. Purba...why only India....not fair....:)....

  4. Want to read Shreya Bhave's version of the great historic personality!

  5. You make it seem like an interesting book.
    I will take your word.

  6. been meaning to read this one... but oh well, I can't get a signed copy :-(

  7. Sounds like an interesting book.

  8. Sounds like a fascinating book!

  9. Thanks for making us aware regarding the opportunity :)

  10. Seems interesting... Would definitely try it

  11. Hi Purba di, congrats on the new Giveaway! I so wanna win this book because I'm a hard-core bibliophile and I direly wanna read this book after my exams. Being a resident of the great ancient city of Patliputra (currently Patna), this book interests me a lot. I wanna know more & more about the great Emperor Ashoka and I don't wanna miss this opportunity. And who doesn't want to possess a book signed my the author himself. Fingers crossed. :))

    1. Thank you so much my dear for participating.
      There was some problem with the email address that you used for entering this giveaway. worries. There will surely be many more giveaways. Much love <3


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