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Book Review: Lost in Pattaya

Book: Lost In Pattaya
Author: Kishore Modak
Publisher: Grapevine India 
Price: 150 INR
ISBN: 9789381841228

Blurb of the book: It is every dad’s nightmare – his little girl goes missing.
For Palash, the sorrow compounds from the incessant replaying of the critical minutes when his ‘Daddy-eye’ faltered, distracted by his own weakness, substance abuse. The loss and the ensuing search sends him spiraling into a divorce and the loss of a steady corporate job. Scouring for his little girl in the brothels of Pattaya he is ensnared in the web of mafia that runs the sex trade of Thailand. When he eventually finds her, will he be able to build back a wasted lifetime, or, is it too late for rescue, for him and his child?

My Rating: 4/5

My take on the book: First of all, thanks to Grapevine for sending this amazing book. The blurb of the book instantly stirred up my interest and the book definitely met my expectations. First of all, writing a story with a very different story line is a challenging task and maintaining the pace of that story throughout the length of 215 pages is even more challenging. However the author has brilliantly succeeded in doing so. The book starts off with a medium pace but after a few pages, it becomes almost impossible to put it down. As the title says, the book revolves around how Li Ya, daughter of Palash gets lost in Pattaya and his frantic search for her thereafter. What may seem to the readers as a case of abduction like Palash actually turns out to be something unbelievable as the book proceeds. As Palash continues his search for Li Ya, he comes across  two interesting characters, Thuy Binh and Miho who plays significant roles in his life. The author has blended adventure, suffering and emotions in the correct proportions. There are some nail-biting adventurous moments in the book that increases the beating of the heart. There are also some beautiful, heart touching moments which will compel the readers to smile in delight. The juncture in the book where Palash meets Li Ya after years when she has ripened to a lady is very touching. Palash's unselfish love for his daughter is endearing. The character of Palash may not appeal to the readers in the beginning of the book but once they are done with the book, they will grow a fondness for this character. The story ends on a touching note which will leave readers with a feeling of contentment. The narration is commendable with excellent usage of words and the pace of the book is fast. The best part of the book is the way it portrays a father's unflinching love and sacrifice for his daughter. 
The book is highly recommended for people who love to read good books.

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