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Book Review: Metro Diaries - Seventeen LOVE Classics

Book : Metro Diaries-Seventeen LOVE classics
Author: Namrata
Published by: Amazon
Kindle Price: 60 INR

Blurb: From London Society of Poets' Author - Namrata, comes the first book as a collection of urban romance short stories.
Have you loved someone? "Metro Diaries" will revive your innermost feelings and imbibe in you the magic of love.
What happens when Abhimanyu Singh, a champion volley ball player, has to make a choice between his love and his dreams? When an ideal student, a perfect son, and a hardworking employee like Abhimanyu gets the opportunity to build up his career at the cost of his love, does he give up on his dreams for his love or does he sacrifice his love for his career? Read 'Love thy Dreams' and sixteen other heart-throbbing stories...
Touching, amusing and deeply moving, Metro Diaries-Seventeen Love Classics are seventeen tales that will hold you from start till end.

My rating: 4/5

My review: Metro Diaries is a collection of 17 short stories, all of which revolves around the beautiful feeling called love. Every story is sketched in a different color that expresses love. While reading the book, at least one or two stories will surely remind you of some incidents or that special person of your life. The other stories will inspire you, make you smile, cry and wonder about so many facets of love. Here is my take on the 17 stories of this book.

1. Once in a life-time: The perfect story to start the book with. It gives you the feeling that you are in for a romantic dive. This is the story of a girl, Nitya whose failed relationship has made her build walls around her heart which a guy called Ansh successfully breaks by the depth of his love. The words that Ansh tell Nitya touches the heart. Extremely romantic!

2. Then, now and forever: A very soulful story. The letter that Ron's grandpa had written for his grandma years back redefines love for Ron. After reading this story, you will be in smiles.

3. Love thy dreams: This is a story about how a girl supports the guy to pursue his dreams at any cost and at the end, the guy wants to fulfill the dream of marrying the girl.

4.The Wait: A girl falls in love with her best friend but her love remains unrequited and disrespected due to the norms of the society. A different story which has a heartbreaking ending.

5. A secret revealed: This is the story of a girl who fought with her identity all her life until someone showered her with unconditional love. 

6. A promise of a life-time: This is a beautiful love story of two individuals who studied in the same college. Their unspoken love metamorphosed into a relationship after they met on a friend's wedding and the guy finally proposed the girl. A feel-good story that will make you smile and the poem at the end of this story is exceptionally romantic.

7.Will you?: A conversation between a boy and a girl after the boy proposes her. The promises mentioned in this story are heart-warming.

8. Love Beyond Words: One of my favorite story in this book. The letter in this story moved me to tears, Exceptionally written; every word soaked in the magic of love. The quotes of Paulo Coelho are well placed in the story which enhances its magic further.

9. Imperfectly Perfect: Another gem of this book. The approach to this story is very realistic. People often wince when they see a beautiful girl with an average guy and vice versa but love is from the heart and the soul. This thing is beautifully expressed in the story and the metaphor used in the story about a poet and his poem will surely mesmerize the readers.

10. A thing called love: This story captures the pain of unrequited and unanswered love beautifully. This is a story about a girl madly in love with a guy who is cocooned by his dreams.

11. The Sole Soul Mate: Sweetest story of the book. The story is about how Nishani, Sahil's best friend explained him the meaning of soul mates and he realizes that she is his soul mate. The metaphor used is awesome.

12. The Yellowed Diary: Words of a girl dipped in pathos are trapped in her diary. The anguish of the girl is beautifully captured.

13. You, me and love: Another of my favorite story of this book. This story is exceptionally romantic and will make you want to fall in love. The line of this story "No..she isn't my soul mate. She is my soul...the one who keeps me alive." gave me goosebumps.

14. Unlocked: A simple story about how a guy who kept his relationship concealed from all decides to unlock it finally. The poem at the end is beautiful.

15. Memories: Very soulful story. The way memories associated with a photograph has been described brings tears to the eyes.

16. A message of love: The girl in the story finds an anonymous letter inside a book she purchased. That letter made her realize the value of love. Beautiful narration.

17. Her: A simple and sweet story about a boy madly in love with a girl.

The collection of stories in this book is marvelous. Special mention for story no. 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 15. Readers won't feel bored even for a second and will yearn to fall in love all over again after reading the stories of this book. There are a few editing glitches in the book which could have been improved. The poems used after most of the stories are the best part of this book. 
Highly recommended for all the romantic souls out there!


  1. Thank you so so so much Purba .. for these lovely words! Will remember it for long as THIS is how motivation to write more looks like <3

    1. My pleasure dear. I had an amazing time reading it. Keep writing and stay blessed <3


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