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Book Review: The Devil and the Deadly Peace

Book: The Devil and the Deadly Peace (Tales of Khaga #1)
Author: Sindhura Chamala
Publisher: Kiwi Books
Genre: Fiction| Fantasy/Thriller
Price: 249 INR
Pages: 195


The two great nations of Khaga are on the verge of a bloody war. The survival of Jalika, a neutral kingdom in trade with both, is in jeopardy.

After calling the Devil to his kingdom, the king of Jalika has passed away in the dead of the night. His death, a mere week before the Peace Events when officials from the two nations were to come together to sign a treaty that will exempt Jalika from the war, has set many wheels in motion.

As Jalika prepares for the Peace Events under the new leadership of the prince and his wife, all forces converge under the Devil's watchful eyes. Will the seventh day rise on Jalika bearing peace or death?

My Rating:

Plot: 4/5
Narration: 3.5/5
Writing Style: 3.5/5
Character Sketch: 4/5

My Review:

The Devil and the Deadly Peace is a captivating thriller set in a fictional land called Khaga. The events of the place take place in the kingdom called Jalika. Just a week before the Peace Treaty would be signed by the two nations of Khaga, the king of Jalika passed away, unnaturally. The Devil understands that someone has conspired against the entire kingdom of Jalika and that the king has been murdered.

The story revolves around finding the murderer of the king and uncovering the conspiracy taking place in the kingdom of Jalika for years. The Devil joins hands with the Brotherhood and embarks on a journey to uncover the secrets lying buried in the corners of the palace.

As we read the book, several questions will be on our mind:

Who is the Devil? Why did the king call her? What is her relationship with the king?

Who can kill the king?

Who wants to destroy Jalika? 

Is it someone from the royal family or any outsider who has hatched the entire plan?

Just to know the answers to all the questions, readers would keep turning pages of the book. And the climax won't disappoint at all. 

The plot of the book is cleverly drawn and it has elements of suspense that will keep the reader on his toes. The narration could have been crisp and more interesting. The pace of the book is initially slow, but after you have managed to read half of the book, the pace increases, making you want to rush towards the climax to uncover the conspiracy along with the Devil.

The book is very well edited and I couldn't find a single editing error. The writing style is good, especially when you consider that it is the debut book of the author.

There are many characters in the book, but some characters will definitely stay with the readers. The Devil's character is perfectly sketched. Her curiosity and intelligence amuses you and at the same time, you would keep thinking who she actually is. The characters of the Prince and the Prince's wife is also well sketched. Another character that will stay with the readers is Little Brother.

One major drawback of the book is that it doesn't have a map of the fictional place, Khaga. Therefore, the readers would have a problem locating the places of Khaga in their minds. 

I would like to rate the book 3.75/5 due to the plot and the interesting character of the Devil.

Recommended to people who love reading thrillers set in a fictional place.

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  1. Sounds like a good read. That you were unable to pick out a single editing error is quite an achievement on part of the editor... :-) Nice review, Purba.

  2. Yes, you gave a good review.

  3. Doesn't exactly sound like my kind of a book, but the way you describe the Devil's character sounds very intriguing to me. Great review, Purba!

  4. Captivating Review. Thriller is not my favorite genre but have almost convinced me to read this one :)

  5. yes it isnt my kind of a book but am sure it will be a super read for someone who it interests, I kind of agree with the map things if places are the way they explained it in the title track of Game of Thrones :) super review :)

  6. It's precise and thorough at the same time. Liked your take on the book. :)

  7. Your every review is in such a way that I end up reading it always Purba..though not my kind of genre.. But with this review again i am gonna end up reading..

  8. Quite a precise review dear! Makes me to read it soon! :)


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