Friday, 19 January 2018

Book Review: Love Sutra: Secret to Happily Ever After

Book: Love Sutra: Secret to Happily Ever After
Author: Urvashi Pahwa
Genre: Fiction | Short stories
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 170
Price: 65 INR

A unique book on modern day relationships!

Love Sutra: Secret to Happily Ever After by Urvashi Pahwa is a collection of 5 short stories on relationships. What makes the book stand out from other short story collections is that the author has given solutions for problems that frequently occur in relationships.

In a unique manner, the author has diagnosed the cause of the problem and prescribed some easy solutions in reference to each story. The solutions are simple and effective. The problems that the author has talked about in the five stories are common problems in a relationship such as boredom, depression, diminishing self-worth, oppressed opinions, excessive suspicion, excessive display of love and affection, loneliness, etc. 

All the 5 stories are well narrated. These are very real stories that anyone can relate to. The first story, "Cassanova's Lover" is about a girl who unknowingly falls in love with a Cassanova and gets heartbroken and later gets repeatedly blackmailed. The second story "The Rich Wife" is about a married couple where the wife feels lonely because the husband is a workaholic. The third story "Love Birds" is about a young couple who battles with insecurity and the need for personal space. The fourth story "Miss Belligerent" is a story that shows the importance of a supportive life partner. Love is not enough for a marriage to work; it also requires understanding, respect, trust, and support. The last story "Mr. Always Right" is about a dominating husband who never cares to listen to what his wife wants. 

Love Sutra: Secret to Happily Ever After is a quick and light read. It can be seen as a self-help book for people who are in relationships. However, the book doesn't sound preachy or didactic. I believe that young couples can learn a few things by reading this book. I am going with 4 stars. 

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