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Book Review: The Essence of Eternal Happiness

Book: The Essence of Eternal Happiness
Compiler: Bernard D'sa & Shonali Dey
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Raindrops Company
Price: 160 INR

My rating: 4/5

My review: 

The title of the book and the cover has a beautiful tranquility to it. Anyone holding the book will think if he or she can really know the meaning of eternal happiness by reading the book. And honestly speaking, the pages of the book will really teach you the art of living and the true meaning of happiness. 

The compilers of the book have done a commendable job in selecting 27 poets from different corners of the world who have weaved magic with their pen. Each and every poet has a new definition and a new hue of happiness which made the book so colorful. Optimism, peace, love, freedom, hope and reminiscence are some of the colors of happiness which are depicted in the form of some beautiful poems in this book.

Th poems such as "Journey of Eternal Happiness", "Promise of the Messiah", "Bliss", "Wake up seed" and "Monday Blues" are bound to make you sanguine and positive.

The another name of optimism is hope. The beauty of hope is demonstrated perfectly in the poems such as "Where I want to be" and "Freedom at last".

When I read the poems "To be or not to be", "Once eternity and I" and "Freedom at last", "Word of soul" and "My journey" I was totally spell bound. These are the poems about attaining freedom and peace which are an integral part of eternal happiness.

There are some poems in this collection which painted reality in the perfect shade such as "To time and fate", "The Perennial Abyss", "Essence of Life", "The Red Apple", "I am not me", and "Crossing Over". All these poems leave the reader with an array of thoughts within.

There are some beautiful poems on relationships and love as well in this book such as "Mother my first love", "When I saw you", "Me and you", "An eternal bliss from heaven", "Those beautiful eyes" and "O-mate your love I breathe".

Each and every poem in this collection has a unique taste to it. It made me have slight gooselflesh when I read "A halcyon companion". It made me think when I read "An artist". It made my heart wrench when I read "Child Labour". It made me feel divine and peaceful when I read "Radha Krishna the definition above love". It left me with a saccharine feeling when I read "Connoisseur of Aroma" and "My favorite pen".

All the poems are praise worthy but out of all the 27 poems, if I have to select only one favorite, then it will be "To Time and Fate". This poem has tremendous depth, a beautiful message and a wonderful structure. I couldn't resist myself from reading this poem more than one time.

Here are some lines of this poem:

Like a growing plant I stand
Feeling thy sun and wind in sand
Hey time thou made me calm
O' Fate, Thou art hidden in palm.

Recommended to anyone who loves to read poetry or who wants to search a little happiness and peace through words.

You can buy the book here

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