Monday, 20 April 2015

Book Review: Sweet Temptations

Book: Sweet Temptations
Author: Meena Nair | Bernard Dsa
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Raindrops Company
Price: 160 INR

My Rating: 3/5

My Review:
"Sweet Temptations" is a journey which you would definitely like to take with your beloved. Romance and poetry has always blend beautifully and the poets, Meena Nair and Bernard Dsa took special care to ensure that their readers get tempted by their verses.
All the poems in this book unravel the deep love, passion, insatiable longing and the other physical aspects of love. With the magic of words, the poets have managed to create a beautiful world in each of their poems. "His muse", "Tips and tricks", "Something sweet that I love you", "Bare Essentials" and "Ultimate Submission" are some of the best poems of the book. Some poems are so picturesque that you can feel that you are able to see two lovers lost in love through the verses.

To undress for you is like dressing in your attire
Oh! How much I had wished to embrace your desire
Well, perhaps we were meant to be together
Like a moon and star shining forever.

Some poems are short and sweet, overflowing with love and warmth whereas some other poems are intensely sensuous. 

The love of my lover has united my roving soul
Together we make love as my passion overwhelms
We satisfy the yearnings of the other
And together we move into a motionless journey.
The poems would surely ingnite love and passion for the person you love truly. The beautiful poems are accompanied by a couple of amazing sketches and some of the best love quotes which makes the book all the more romantic. It is definitely a perfect gift for your loved one. 
On the downside, there are a couple of editing mistakes in the book which are a turn-off. Somewhere in the middle, you might get a feeling that the poems are slight repititive. Apart from these, the little poetry book is a wonderful read.

Recommended to all poetry lovers whose idea of romance is poetry!

You can buy the book here

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