Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Book Review: The Gang of Wonder Kids

Book : The Gang Of Wonder Kids
Author: Shetall Ramsinghani
Publisher: Patridge Publishing
Pages: 140
Price: 299 INR

Blurb:  The book is written keeping thoughts of transition period of kids from a phase of a child entering into the phase of an adolescent which is quiet tender age in which a child can easily loose direction.

The author has tried her best to help them to follow the right path with her stories. She has tried embedding values, love for grandparents and family life with being brave and helpful to everyone in day to day life.

My Rating: 3/5

My Review:

Writing a children's book in a manner that it doesn't get preachy and yet delivers the moral lessons that are important for a child's growth deftly is not an easy task and the author, Shetall Ramsinghani has done a commendable job in this regard. The book is targetted for children of more than eight years age but even an adult would enjoy reading the stories because of their simplicity, innocence and because of the adorable characters in the book.

The children who has inspired the characters of the book are so endearing that you can relate to all of them. The book has a beautiful innocence and feel-good vibe to it. Each and every story included in the book has a moral in its deep core and at the same time, the author has garnished them perfectly with adventure and sweetness. 

The stories that I found most interesting and adventurous are "The ring of the golden bell", "Magical Jungle" and "Naina and her trip to Manipur".

In the simple yet beautiful stories of the book, the author has written about the importance of meditation, the importance and value of a pet, loving parents and grand parents unconditionally and about the power of positive thinking and positive deeds. Therefore, the children who would be exposed to the book can learn a lot of things from the book which would be instrumental for his or her growth.

On the flipside, the book has plenty of editing and proofreading mistakes which hinders the flow of smooth reading. This is the reason I am deducting 1 full marks from my rating. I wish the next edition of the book is made free from the editing and proofreading mistakes.

Shetall has done a wonderful work and her book can be a beautiful gift that parents can give to their children.

You can buy the book here

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