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Book Review: When Cupid Struck Its Arrow

Book: When Cupid Struck Its Arrow
Compilers: Bernard D'sa || Shonali Dey
Publisher: Raindrops Publishing
Genre: Poetry
Price: 114 INR

Blurb:  "When Cupid Struck its Arrow "is an international anthology of love poems compiled up by Bernard D'sa and Shonali Dey. The book has 21 eloquent poets across the globe venting out their heart-rending verses. As the title itself depicts the intensity of love, passion and magical spell, the book contains. Smooth-flowing verses in the book directly hits your heart. Bollywood actor "Aamir Khan" reviews "When Cupid Struck its Arrow "as a peppy collection of passionate love poems- A perfect book to gift your beloved one! So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy & Let the Cupid hit you soon.... 

My Rating: 3/5

My Review: 

"When Cupid Struck Its Arrow" is definitely a pleasant read. The 21 poems that comprise this anthology will surely strike a chord with the readers who are in love or who adores the feeling called love. 

Love is innocence. Love is peaceful. Love is pleasure. Love is pain. Love is a beauty. Love is a melody. The blend of several flavors of love together create this poetry book which can be relished by every romantic heart.Some of the poems talk about the innocence of love, some others talk about longing and passion whereas some others talk about the pain of love.

The book begins with the poem called "The scent of silence" which is definitely one of the best poems of the book. Profound and heart wrenching, this poem perfectly sets the mood to delve deeper into the poetry book. Here are some of the verses of the poem:

Songs help me somehow
Because they know how I am feeling now.
Ray of happiness whispers in the form of death
An old friend it is who seeks my permission.
But I close the door
And emotions flood my core.

Some of the poems in this book are sweet and simple whereas some poems have a lot of depth that will provoke the readers to give it another read such as "Reflections" and "I will find you". Some poems such as "Mystic hang-on" and "Love that keeps me alive" will fill the heart of readers with joy and romance. Here are some of the delightful verses of the poem "Mystic hang-on"

And then...
Before the twilight
Our whimsical dreams came 
real in a glance
The muses of our naive love-story
Danced in eternal trance

Although the theme of the book is love, it has various flavours which will surely amaze the readers.The two compliers have done a fabulous job in selecting the poems which are versatile.  On the flip side, the book has a few editing and proofreading mistakes and some of the poems are a little too simple for my taste. Nevertheless, it's a good, enjoyable and delightful book that celebrates love.

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